Friday, February 6, 2009

Justrite...yes they are!

So I was on one of my favorite blogs
a couple weeks ago

thanks Lauren you enabler you!
and she had used these stamps that I thought

so I went over to Justrite
and ordered a couple things
ya I know!
and I know what you all are thinkin
yes I can spell Intervention
but I needed these stamps :)

I mean really...look at this
now how perfect is it that I can make my own embellies
picture this, cut & popped off on a layout
it just makes me smile

then I got these preinked words
for $1 dollar US
OMG I love them too
perfect to embellie with
and not a bad tattoo either :)
thanks for checkin out my blog
ttysoon V


nscropper said...

very cool stamps. :)

Tammy said...

oh dear .. I'm not looking again cause I WANT them - lol

Scrapthat said...

LOL...What Tammy said! How cool...have fun playing V!! :0)