Sunday, March 22, 2009

long haul

yep...friends for a real long haul

I made this card thinking of a couple friends :)

Kim (cause of Troy being away)
Karen (cause you could use a pick me up)
Lisa G (cause you were lonely)
Trish (for your off week)
Tammy (cause of your wrist, bacement etc)

well for all of my girls here
for your hurts

for your troubles

and just for them bad days

I am here for you :)

"friends for the long haul"


nscropper said...

awwww ... what a sweetie you are. :)
Your card is adorable. Love it. You always pick such fabulous colors.

Lisa G. said...

You made me cry! I promise to never feel lonely again...well if I do...I'll reach out and email yah! Great card :) I feel the love :)

Paola said...

You have a beautiful heart V.
Love the fresh cool colours.

Tammy said...

Aww .. thanks V .. your the best!

scrapeahappy said...

You are the most generous and thoughtful person Vanessa! Great card!

T in Etown said...

Thanks V you have a great big heart lady...a great big heart...sniff that card did you mist the background?..copics too?...I love that stamp set by the way, and the extras ..I wish they would make new extras...

Scrapthat said...

Too cute!