Sunday, March 15, 2009

RAK #2

Hey ALL!!!

well since I am back from shoppin
thought I would have RAK #2
This week I have card nite monday,
then I work tues, wed & thurs
so I thought a giveaway would be an awesome way to occupy the week
So RAK #2 is
a butterfly minibook, 2 Inkadinkado stamp sets (can exchange at Mike's), 3 K&Company sets, 3 Anna Griffin embellie sets, colorbok epoxys, Time 4 Crafts adhesive ribbon, Marcella K ancestry 15 page pack, 3 glitter packs, and some Making memories Easter type die cuts :) hope you like this rak :) #3 will come in 3 weeks after my next visit to the US...yes you read correctly...I am going with a group of girls in a couple weeks for a "girls weekend" no kids, just shoppin...LOL!
good luck everyone!!!
to enter simply tell me somethin...anything about yourself :)
thank you SO much to all of you for leavin comments & just visitin us from time to time :)


angie worthington said...

WOW!!! sure did some shopping!...i spy some copics, too!...let me know how you like them...i have not made that splurge, yet...

Anonymous said...

Hi V!

A little something about myself...hmmm well first I want to say hey you did some great shopping and I'm proud of you. Now for something about myself..I love shopping! yep love it would do it for a living if I could and as long as it didn't interfere to much with my addiction to stamping and

Scrapthat said...

A little something about me? I am a mommy to a five month old (it's her BD today!) My how time flies!

Paola said...

On Jan 6th of this year I made a decision to get my life back.
I started getting healthy, exercising and eating healthy. I am not on a diet. I just changed my approach to my life and have a new found respect for my body.
To date I've shed 18 pounds and I am feeling healthier and stronger.
My first goal is to shed 40 pounds by July 7th where I turn 40.
I think it's a good way to start this renewed part of my life.
Have a beautiful day.

Cindye Wile said...

A little about me today .... I hope to be feeling better soon .. I've been sick all week and I swear it's getting worse. :(

Zoe said...

Hey V,Just stopping in to say hi! You really have been shopping, arnt those copics fantastic!!!

Ok a little thing about me! I am super envious of professional photographers, sometimes I wish I could just venture out for the whole day and take pictures of everything!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, when you said you did alot of shoppin you really meant it!! lol. Good for you!
Lil bout myself......well I guess my most important role in life is trying to be a great wife and mother of 4 boys. 19, 18, 14, and 11. Oh and a dog. 7 months. Nobody told me that raising kids was so tough, well maybe they did but I didn't believe them. Who would? Lol. Now into adulthood, the two oldest, it just gets tougher. More worries as they try doing it on their own. But we just go day to day. Thats how it has to be. Love them all more than words can say, as all us mom's know.
But thats about it. Thats a lil bout me :-)
Have a great day and see you soon

Anonymous said...

P.S. Vanessa you do AMAZING things on here as I told you b4. Wish I had your talent! And patience!

Anonymous said...

ur site is so awsome and inspiring thanx for the great ideas!u rock!!!

Anonymous said...

hey auntie!

so you pretty much already know everything about me, for the most part. especially the music part. so my onl bit of information would have to be that i am entering 3 new original songs for a mentorship at the Winnipeg Folk Fest. if i get in, i get passes to the festival and get to spend my time with one of the performers. also, i'll get to perform at the festival!
that's about it :P

love you soooo much! you are so amazing at everything you do, and you're probably one of the most headstrong people i know... i mean that in the best way ;)



Anonymous said...

Hey gal!

You have some awesome stuff going on here. Talk later.

Anonymous said...

Hey Lady,
You have way too much time on your hands!!!


Katie Paterson said...

Wow sounds like you had a great time shopping, a little bit about myself... I am a engineer by day and scrapper booker at night :) Logical and creative!

Anonymous said...

Hey there!
Your site is inspiration!

I scrapbook my family and friends with pride.
I once had an interview with Joan Allan to be the nanny to her three year old.

Keep doing an awesome job!

scrapeahappy said...

Hey V!

Miss you on the boards! I am about to buy my first house with my future husband. We went house hunting this past few days and have looked at 17 houses. It is exhausting!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Nessa! Um, my birthday and my DH's birthday are a day apart, as are my boys' birthdays, too! :D
You are always so nice and generous!

Lisa G. said...

Hey girl! WOW nice RAK....a little about probably already know but it's what I have realized I am most proud of...for myself...I live right out loud and full out! I enjoy every moment of everyday...even the bad days...I look for my lessons and am happy to have had them. I never regret a is too short to not live full out no?? ;)

I think your a full outer too :)


Tammy (Scrappy and T) said...

Your so kind V :-)

I am not putting my name into this one as I won the last RAK you had.

So, I'll just say .. you are the best, most kind hearted, thoughtful person I know!