Saturday, March 7, 2009


I looked at my last post & did not like the smudged white

hated the look of the black on the white swirls...they just looked sloppy

and thought the black border was too wide

I thought you guys deserved more

so I made the card again

this time I heat setted the white ink

I heat embossed the black swirls to make the look crisper

and I made the black center border about a third of the width of the card

I like it much better

what are your thoughts?

can you see a difference?

what would you notice if given either card?

thanks for your input


Cindye Wile said...

I love that stamp set ... I was eyeing that in the new SU catalog. lol
I love both cards to be honest. Both look wonderful ... I love B&W.

Tammy (Scrappy and T) said...

They are both great cards ... I would have noticed the same thing if I made the card myself. If I had rec'd it I would have loved it either way :-)

Sometimes were are just way too hard on ourselves.

The pics do look different .. maybe the angle or lighting or something ..

Anyhoo .. it is a total "V" saying so I can see why you spent the extra $$ and got it ;-)

Paola said...

They are both nice. The second looks crisper but that's all I see.

I think we are all harder on ourselves when it comes to our own work.

Scrapthat said...

Super cute! Yes I agree with Paola Nice and crisp!

Thad Be Me said...

B&W is your thing..I love it.

I love both of them..I don't see what you are talking about.

I think it is fabulous..