Thursday, March 5, 2009

white on white

monochromatic is sure in "in" lately

normally I do not give 2 shits what's in

well to tell you the truth I still don't :)

but I do like the look of this white on white card

hope you do too :)

this last pic of the "peace" Christmas overlay reminds of my friend Em...actually whenever I see the word peace I think of her...her elegant way with words, calming nature & beautiful soul

Each day I strive for happiness in my life...for remind me of that Em...thank you


Lisa G. said...

I LOVE IT! And you are right...It is so Em!

~ Mylene ~ said...

.:sniff:. Sweetness, you've made me cry. Awww....thank you.

Lisa, you too.

You're sweet to me.

Peace ~


Thad Be Me said...

That is so is really interesting..I don't know if I would try it..but you pulled it off..I like it!!

Peace to all..and happy flocking!

Anonymous said...

Oh, v. this is really amazingly beautiful. I love it - and it is worthy of Em.
Robin smiling

Scrapthat said...

Beautiful work on this one too!

Anonymous said...

I just love the white on white. I am planning a silver/grays mix to see if it will be as elegant as the whites.

Keep up the great work, gal

Cindye Wile said...

Gorgeous .... you did a fabulous job with the white on white.

Tammy (Scrappy and T) said...

sooo pretty!

Paola said...

Very pretty. I can totally understand how it makes you think of EM.