Friday, January 30, 2009

Biggest Loser H4

no picture with my post today...any of the pics that have been taken of me in the last year can be my 3 months I will take an "after" the biggest loser pic!!!

LOL I joined the biggest loser club on the ward I work on!
3 months and the chance to lose the 20lbs I wanna.
I subject myself to public embarassment...maybe crazy enough to work for me :) we shall see
wish me luck

see ya soon V

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Zack's Graduation

Last year Zack graduated from the most awesome preschool.

Flip up the tags for hidden journaling

Teacher Liz was the absolute best thing for Zack...she helped him (well us) through the transition to school and really taught him and made everything so much easier...we still miss her!

I am scrappin all those pics I just stuffed into my they may not be THE greatest pages but they are pictures & a time I want to commemorate.

So thanks for lookin

see ya soon V

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

grand beach

well some pics of the boys from the summer in the yard at my mom's cottage in Grand Beach...great views...great times...but I do not love this scrapped page...but hey it is what I did tonite.

thanks for lookin & checkin out my blog :)

see ya soon V

Monday, January 26, 2009

Vday Treat Bag

Well this is my last vday project...I promise :) you'd think I loved someone or somethin :)

Anyways this is my treat bag...hard...hard...hard LOL...I think because it is the first bag thingie I have ever made but ya I thought it was hard. I am very proud of the scoring I did, and the folding back & forth.

So it is cut from a 12x9 2/3rds sheet of red cardstock,

score down the short side at 3/4", fold it in, then score at 1" from that fold and fold it under, score at 1" again and fold it in, that is your left side pleat, then score the front with 3 and 2/3" from the left side pleat, then do the right side pleat, score 1" from the front edge, fold it in to center, then 1" fold it under, then 1" fold it in, that is your right side pleat and you have your 3 and 2/3rds left for the back edge.

Then score at inch & 1/2 from bottom, fold your sides in on the first score mark you made put adhesive on the outside egde and match it up to the right/back side.

Then fold your base under, on the front side bottom 1/2 inch inside of each side.
slice it up 1" then fold the insides in line up the folds and glue.
Put some transparency on the inside for your window and your bag is complete. I hope you can understand that.
So the completed project! hope you like it!

If you can not follow my instructions (I won't be surprised LOL I am real bad at explaining things) please let me know!

thanks for checkin out my blog!

see ya soon V

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Inlaws:Outlaws :)

The latest lo of a pic I took of my inlaws this summer...I loved how the sunlight danced off the trees, it sure reflected our happy mood that day. Used some Nestabilities butterflies, some Martha butterflies, some vine ribbon and some Prima black felt. I stamped very haphazardly from a Fancy Pants stamp on black cardstock and cut the flowers from some patterned paper. Hope you all like it :0)

My hidden journaling...hope you like it Ma & Pop :)

This is a closeup of my favorite Nestabilities awesome addition to a page :)

The butterfly looks way better in person :)

Thanks for visiting my blog

see ya soon V

Saturday, January 24, 2009

My Scrap Desk

Well you have all seen my very messy scrap storage area. I could not stand scrappin in that 8x10 room, isolated away from everyone. So I asked Doug about 2 years ago to build me a scrap desk in the bacement living area. This is my awesome desk!

The boys LOVE to craft with me so I asked Doug again to build me a desk for last weekend he built this and I finshed staining it to match tonite :) I LOVE it & so do the boys!

This is a view of from the TV area of both desks. I am so proud of Doug & so happy with how my scrap area turned out...thanks babe :)
Thanks for checkin out my scrap area & my blog
ttysoon V

Friday, January 23, 2009

A Continual Work In Progress

I find when I make a card although I may like it I think after "Oh I shoulda done this...or that". Usually I just put it in a drawer & forget I made it. I felt tonite I just could not get it right but wanted to keep trying.

so Example number 1 seemed too plain to me, the L, V & E stamped in Stampin Up Purely Pomigranate, the O stamped in
white, then on white & pink cardstock I stamped in pomigranate punched them out and popped dotted them up. When I look at the card although it looks ok I didn't love it :)

Example number 2 I rolled the background with white hearts on the pink & loved it. Then I used a pink stamp pad and embossed the L,V & E with Star Dust, then mounted that on patterned paper & didn't like it

Then my final example...I think it is the one I will make as a group project for card nite. Let me know what you think!

I rolled the background with white hearts, then on red cardstock I embossed the L,V & E in white embossing powder & cut them out. The center of the flower is the O embossed on pink and the ricrac finishes it off. I LOVE this one :) hope the girls do!

thanks for droppin by

Thursday, January 22, 2009

My Love...My Valentine

My Husband Doug

My Soulmate

My Best Friend

My Journaling says it all
Thanks for checkin out my blog :)
ttysoon V

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Love Day...Card Nite

Couple more easily reproduced cards for the girls :)

Example #1 is a cricut cut love & note card, with a Fancy Pants notes stamp, some American Crafts ribbon and Autumn Leaves red pp. The white cardstock was embossed with the cuttlebug folder, pop dots to assemble & your done!
#2 is a love & large U on a square cut with the cricut, stampin up tag corner, Hiedi Swap ghost letter i, some ribbon and the red cardstock embossed with swiss dots...also done :)
Let me know what you think!
Thanks for lookin
ttysoon V

Monday, January 19, 2009

spidey X2

These are pics of the boys last fall. Nick got the Five Web Blaster as a gift from one of his friends and the boys could not wait to play! So Doug & I took them to the park on our street (like I want spidey webs all over my house!) They had an absolute BLAST!

Check out their heros & my villians all wrapped up in my two men. LOL Doug had fun too...boys & their toys.

A good friend of mine Em had sent me some spidey stuff from a scrappy exchange she had been came to good use! The frames around the boys, the black spiders and the red & blue diamonds with the spiders in them were from that swap package :) thanks Em!

The black cardstock was sprayed with marblizing paint and the journaling tags are colorbox.

Thanks for lookin and go save some lives or at least be & have a blast today :))) I am off to work so the possibilities are endless :) ttysoon V

Sunday, January 18, 2009

and there was one

Well I only have one solidary card to post tonite...we had a day full of cleaning, a visit to Mike's for some necessities...LOL...and some family time. By the time I put the boys to bed tonite & watched Criminal Minds (awesomely provoking show) I was kinda just putskying around, cleaning, organizing then I was putting away my cricut cartridges and saw this flower...uuummm...I thought I could make that a card. Literally 15 minutes later I am taking this is plain but I really just like it that way :) hope you do too!

Thanks for checkin me out

take care all

ttysoon V

Saturday, January 17, 2009

My BDay

Well...another year older, another fabulous brunch in my tummy, another awesome afternoon crafting with the boys and then being the first warm (-10c) day Doug took the boys outside for a couple hours and I put my cards together :)

Them boys of mine are fabulous crafters and way faster then I am...LOL...betcha can't tell who's is who's :) I know I can't!

I love a day of plain relaxation with my family...a couple cards & some good eats I am a lucky girl fersure!

So my cards for today

#1 made with Martinibella (I think that is the name) with some stampin up patterned paper & plain cardstock in a stripe pattern

#2 made with Billboardabella & a studio G stamp that says I love you, also used swiss dots embossing folder and some American Crafts ribbon

#3 also a bella with plain geo box pattern, she is colored with Prismas and raised up with pop up dots.

Again simple cards, easily reproduced for card nite or any other lifters out there!

Come back & visit me soon

ttyl off to have supper with friends and visit for the evening...have a great one on me :)

Friday, January 16, 2009

R U Kiddin Me?

How on earth did this happen?

When did I get this flippin old?

Yep I know wrinkles are earned...yaddayadda!

But I just am still amazed at how fast life passes by!

I am also amazed at how messy my scrap storage room gets...ya I know...bad!

But the good news is I buckled down...2 hours and 3 full giant garbage bags is orderly again! I can go to sleep and rest well on the eve of my birthday.

Oh who gives a crap I will still be old tomorrow clean room or not.

These are the organizers I bought for paper to sit on my desk & house my Expression.

I really like them! Best is that I can hide all those hard to hide items in the drawers :)

The bonus is I got a few scrappy gifts, I bought myself a few scrappy gifts & storage and I got a lot of stuff for my Wii, Wii fit accessories and the CSI Wii game :))) totally me!

One of the absolute BEST gifts was from girlfriend you RAWK!

You know I love your altering skills and that the frames you made for Christmas were outstanding...I said then that the people who got them were very I know fersure...cause I am one of the lucky ones! You made me feel special. See the frame here on my stamp cd storage cases :) I love it there!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Vday cards

Well the girls are all comin over Feb 2nd for card nite to make Valentines for our sweeties :)))

well & to eat & drink & visit too :)))

example #1 to the right uses nestabilities, stampin up, studio G stamps & embossing powder

Gotta LOVE card nite!!!

I totally love making up several examples prior to the girls coming so I can flutter around visiting & makin sure everyone's drinks & tummies are full.

example #2 to the left uses American Craft ribbon, nestabilities, stampin up & threading water punches, Inkadinkado & studio G stamps

So these are just a couple...well 4 I made tonite.

They are all very basic, easily copied and well just fun to make :)
those are the prerequisites for card nite :)

example #3 to the left uses cuttle bug embossing, stampin up & marvy punches with a studio G stamp

example #4 uses cricut cut heart, cuttlebug embosing folder & stampin up stamp

Thank you SO much for checkin out my blog today!!!

Again any questions...feel free


Wednesday, January 14, 2009 not quite

I absolutely love the look of Hambly overlays but the price is...well...pricey for me. So I was foolin around last nite with my Inkadinkado Rock Star stamps and some transparencies. I stamped them with stazon as usual but I just wasn't that happy with the "flat" appearance. I went crazy and decided to try some heat embossing on transparency...if you keep the heat gun about 6 inches away, heat it hot first, then point in at the stamped image with the embossing powder on closely & as soon as you see the "change" of the powder to the liquid then move the heat away. It warps the transparency if you heat it for too long. See left hand side. Then cut it out...instant hambly-like overlay. I also mixed powder colors and although this kinda wastes it cause you can't reuse it mixed, there is alot in a jar for relatively cheap :) or so I tell myself! LOL I can justify almost any scrappy purchase (insert rollin eyes) but hey I don't smoke or drink...I might as well scrap!

I totally loved how the ornate stamp on the left turned out (also from Inkadinkado) How the red mixes with the black when heated! I also thought I would mention when I did the white, you could not read the fine print it says "rock & roll" and the powder kinda melted I stamped over the white lightly with black stazon so you can read it now. Loved how the blues & greens & reds just pop off the orange...I know an unlikely combo!

When you look under the pic I took an Autumn Leaves edge stamp with gold & siver powder & I think it looks very ornate as well...very Rock Star pretensious! The chipboard pieces are Colorbox and skull stickers are from Mike's in the kids section. The bling are Prima :)))

I hope you guys enjoy this as much as I enjoyed makin it! Any questions...ask anytime! Here is the final product.


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Rock Stars

We were all ready for Doug's Christmas party at Polar Window and I had bought the boys these new shirts that were kinda a little more dressy then the normal t-shirts they wear.
All of a sudden Nick says "I'm a Rock Star in this shirt...look mom...tada" he continued posing so I got out the camera & well Zack was quick to join in on the action!!! Where do they get this stuff from? Man I will never know but I honestly was laughin so hard some of the pics are blurry. I stuck the camera on continuous, auto and just snapped pics. The Rock Star sestion lasted about 4 minutes I prolley took 400 pictures (shakin head) ya I know I need an intervention! LOL

I am really happy with how the background turned out. I used my Cricut Design Studio, did the lo of all the words, then cut it out of 12x12 black cardstock, originally I planned just to use the negative black overtop white cardstock, then I saw the cutouts and thought "hey I can just use the cut outs over white for the reverse page :)

I saw these awesome little chipboard peices in the buck50 bins at Mike's from Colorbok...LOVE them, all in primary colors & B&W, different shapes...very cool arranged in a pile as a photocorner :))) and of course could not resist the superstar, and fabulous bling from Me& perfect!!!

Thank you SO much for checkin out my blog...any questions...feel free to drop me a note anytime!

see ya soon

Monday, January 12, 2009


When I think back I have many awesome memories skating at Morse Place Community Club with KareBear. I definitely want the boys to have that skill, to have a sport that helps teach them so many valuable lessons.

Since Doug played hockey for so long, he experienced first hand the value of sport on a teenager. We want our boys to have somethin besides video games, and all the way worse things teens are exposed to, in their lives.

They started skating 3 years ago and I am very proud of how far they have come. Practice & never give up...I hope lessons they will carry with them forever.

Thanks for lookin!!!

Any questions feel free to ask :)

see ya soon