Monday, December 21, 2009


there seems so much I had to tell you guys
then I found out today
a friend lost her VERY young husband
to a massive heart attack last nite
and all my tidbits disappeared

my heart is aching for her
I made a card & sent it out to her first thing
I met this friend in the craft world and so it seems fitting
that makin that card this morning was my therapy
how I dealt with the loss of her husband
how I grasp the importance of all those I love
how I show her how much this impacts me
how I offer my support

I hope my card gets there fast
love to you K
huge hugs my girl

Friday, December 11, 2009

what've been up to

I have been so busy

as I am sure the rest of you are

gettin ready for the holidays

I decorated

the boys & I made some gifts

I shopped



and even got a lot of scrap shoppin in the states

I finished my christmas cards

sent out several gifts to online friends abroad

oh yeah

I worked full time in there

my arch of my right foot fell & I have planter fasciatis


ouwies to my foot & my pocketbook

cost me 580 bucks for an insole

yes you heard correct

no shoe

just the insole


but my feet are feelin better

so whatever

it is VERY cold here

we bought Doug a new truck

it has heated seats

makes us feel like adults :)


hope your xmas stuff is all under control