Thursday, April 30, 2009

post it notes

My friend Andrea was over for card nite

and she brought this awesome idea with her

to make post it holders

this is what I came up with

planning to make 20 or so for the garden club :)

here are the first 5

thanks for lookin

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

as requested...more framed work

well everyone has said how much they love these mini shadow boxes

so I bought 20 to make up for my sisters garden club sale

this is #1 :)

but since I am having some surgery tomorrow

I will not be workin for another 10 days

so I will be craftin as soon as I am up to it

hopin I can get the 20 done next week

thanks for lookin
I will be havin a candy giveaway this week
soon as I am well enough to get it together

Monday, April 27, 2009


here are some pictures

so many have been askin about card nite

I will try to take a few pics when the girls are here tonite
but the first is of the living area...zack is craftin :)
the second pic is of the embossing, sizzix area and the kid type cards
the third pic is of the sugar, bella & penny black area
the forth pic is the tables
and the fifth is of the bar area where the food will be :)

usually 5-12 girls come out to make cards & visit

usually it is informal...sometimes we make an item all together

but mostly they just do whatever they want :)

I love it

I love to share my stuff

I love to see what everyone makes from the examples

I love to get together with the girls & visit over crafts & food :)
thanks for comin...wish you could come tonite!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

swingin by to say

I love these simple cards for the girls to do tomorrow at card nite

had this ribbon...aka vine for the monkeys

this pair just make me giggle

are you smilin?


see ya soon

let the good times roll

I have to make a couple easily reproduced cards for card nite tomorrow :)

now could I find a better stamp to go inside this Sandylion dump truck?

no! the studio G let the good times roll stamp fit perfect

like it was meant to be :)

I love it when stamps come together :)
lovin the bling diamond load :))))
see ya later

robot wishes

happy birthday!

Love this new stamp set I got yesterday

sandylion boys set :)

yep they make me smile

thanks for lookin

Saturday, April 25, 2009


are awesome!

this one made with my girl Trish in mind :)

I know she loves Penny Black stamps

picked this one up at my scrapstore today

saw it & immediately thought of T&T

you rawk

Friday, April 24, 2009

Happy Anniversary (Sugar Bowl #9)

I wanted to do a card for the men's challenge #9 but I do not have any boy sugars

but then I thought "hey it is for a man, not of a man!"

so I decided that Sweet & Sassy looked most like me & kinda seems to have my attitude so she represents me

Our Wedding was black & white and I only wear black or some white & grey so this card had an easy color scheme :)

Our Annivery is not till November...I am very prepared :)

thanks for comin by

get over to the Sugar Bowl...enter your work...& good luck :)

somethin for me

yep you heard me...somethin that I made...for me...mine!

I have never actually made anything specifically for me

of course I have kept things in the house I have made

but really to start from conception with the knowledge

that an item is for me...I don't think I have EVER done that.

So this frame

bought in black for me

done in black, white & grey for me

stamped with my most fav Sugar

yep it has me written all over it

thanks for comin by

see ya soon

Thursday, April 23, 2009

framed work

yep I LOVE it...and I think the person I have in mind for it will too :)

hope you like it.

put the stamped image within a frame,

added the bling to the outside to carry the theme

thanks for comin by

see ya soon
I entered this is the SugarBowl challenge to make an item that is not a card for spring :) girls get somethin other then a card made & enter

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

no pics again

but I got a request for a wedding invite sample
so I got right to it & made it already, with the return card
will take it to her tomorrow & see what she thinks
if she does like them I would have to make
100 invites :) I think I am a lunatic LOL

Sunday, April 19, 2009


my own etsy shop
Doug (amoung others) have been bugging me for years to sell my stuff...well here is your chance to own a Vanessa original (unless you have already been given one)
I hope that this shop is not a total flop...that'll be embarassing :(
but if I try & it doesn't work out, then I tried, and if it does work out, I can try to support this hobby a little :)
so please help me in spreading the scrappinit!!!
I will be postin a bunch more stuff on the store this week :)
see the right side of my blog for a link too.
thanks for your help!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

live life to the fullest

lovin this sugar stamp called fingers crossed

I have her holding some flowers but her fingers are still crossed :)
I truly LOVE this color combo
the swirls are embossed with white embossing powder
I do love a little heat :)
these metal flowers are so gorgeous
yep they make me happy
small things can make me smile :)
thanks for comin by...again :)
I am off to bed now

hang in there

so this sugar stamp Carefree

exactly what it looks like to me...totally carefree

and the details on the!

thanks again for comin by
off to blog hop a little :)

hope to get some more craftin in later :)

shy sugar

this stamp is called Peek A Bunny

but I covered the bunny up with some flowers for this one

hope you like it :)

I colored the image with copics

popped up a second image in some spots

added some paper flowers

a Martha butterfly

some pearls & lace

then glimmer misted the image

the second pic shows the glimmering :)

thanks for comin by

Friday, April 17, 2009

etsy, biggest loser & such

well girls I made a few cards tonite as a private request but was asked not to post as the receiver may see :) so yeah no post pics for tonite :)
I did get a couple private orders which is very awesome :)
I also posted a bunch of new stuff in my etsy store...thanks for all your support girls...had my first sale!!!
I also did my final weigh in for biggest loser h4 and I lost a total of 19.5 lbs :) I am happy with that.
I think that is all that is new, work again tomorrow & then off till next week...have to make some cards for card nite comin up on monday...not much else is new :)
see ya soon

chance to win

whiff of joy!!!
love these stamps & to celebrate the owner is giving away 2...yes 2 sets of the new release...can order it here and check out the sidebar too!
great blog & awesome stamps in case you are in the market :)

catch a butterfly...some more sugar

such a pretty stamp!

yes I got six more stamps in the mailbox this morning!!!

LOVE them!

This is one of my favs

just lends itself to flowers, pink, giggles & swirls :)

thanks for droppin by
eta...when I was lookin back at this post I realized that the frame within my back door has "framed" the card...totally unintentional...but I like it :) funny, odd, little "coincidinkies" in them...I also realized that the bottom is hidden by the pink "set" flower...LOL...oh well

comment moderation

blogger does not really let me respond individually to all you who leave comments. Aside from giving out the occassional prize, I want to be able to comment back to you, to let you know I am thankful.

So I just learned how to do blogger in January & really like everything else about the blogger world but the lack of this ability. So I made a decision...I will be responding to your coments in the comment if you have specific questions or concerns...know I will answer.

Thank you SO, SO much for all your comments...know they fuel my creations & make me smile inside :) The fact that you spend some of your day here with me makes me happy.

I will be putting together a little prize for someone to win...prolley post it in the next week or so when my new stamp orders come in...I ordered a couple extra things :0)


chance to win big!

you could win a big shot like I have or a Silhouette like I would LOVE!
check it out here
and good luck everyone!!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

stamps & more stamps :)

yep just placed my third order of Sugar Nellies in a month over at Funky kits
yes I can spell intervention :) but I don't like to :)
then I discovered this cute little store called Roses on Paper and ordered my first Magnolias, my first Whiff of Joy and a few more Sugars from Rachelle Anne was pretty AWESOME to have so many options all at one store. Not to mention Summer at Roses on Paper was just awesome to deal with...yep a pleasure it was to spend some money there :) give her a visit if you are in the market for some great goods :)
I can not WAIT to get my new toys :))))))))))))))))))))))
see ya later all

distant friends

Scrappin & cardmaking sure is an awesome way to meet new people

although they may be far away in distance
I have found some of the nicest & most like me friends through this hobby
I wanted to send a little thank you out to a new friend of mine from the UK
(yes I mean England) and she requested something that touched my heart
she asked for nothing from me but a handmade card
my work, some of my art
now this lady is an awesome artist!
she makes the most beautiful of works
and she wanted something of mine
to me that is THE greatest compliment
please go & check out her site
& remember not only is her work beautiful
but her spirit is as well.

here is her card
I worked on it late into the nite
and tried to make it as perfect as I could

it will go out to her this morning

I wonder how long it will take to travel the world :)
I can not wait for you to get it Kim!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

little kitty

my friend made the comment

"I never get any sugar"

refering to a card from me

with a stamp from the sugar nellie line :)

this friend loves kitties

so this tiny little Hi

I think is fitting

work tonite again & then off hopin to get more done then :)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

mini tags & box

hey all!

made some little cards to go in raks & onto pressies

then I thought "they'd be cute in a box" :)

so cut this cute box with my cricut

hope you all have a great day!

see you soon

Sunday, April 12, 2009

sending my love...happy Easter all

lovin this stamp

very versatile

now she is blowing a kiss

and sending my love :)

after I colored the image

I heat embossed it with clear powder

really made the colors pop :)

thanks for lookin

envies :) {note moved rak back to 4/1}

Doug said the other day..."those cards are nice but how do you give them with no envelope?"

I thought about it in bed that nite & came up with these
cut them with my cricut from the same patterned paper that is in the cards
I think they turned out ok
at least now if I wanna give them away I can :)
or as Doug said " Now you can sell them Hon!"
(shakin head) yep that's my hubby...always has my back :)
see you shortly with my next card

Saturday, April 11, 2009

wish big

I took the stamp set below

cut the tree & birdhouse away

I know she is whistling at the birdie

but to me she also looks like she is wishing...

on a star maybe :)

so I used glimmer mist on the black,

then embossed her in white embossing powder

then stamped her again in black on white

colored her & popped her up on some silver

a little twist :)

hope you like it
it's kinda hard to see...but it really shimmers

see ya soon

take care you

somethin I often say when leaving a friends

or signing off here

so I thought it was a fitting saying from Stampin Up

combined with this beautiful Sugar Nellie

just makes me smile inside :)

hope you like it too

and don't forget to...

take care of you

Friday, April 10, 2009

with love

and tylenol #3's!!!

well apparently I have a lot of

patience when I am on t #3's

this migraine is still killin me
but the other side of the coin

is my mom took the kids

to the YMCA to play

I can't sleep cause my head

is playin a heavy metal song

so may as well craft

I took some time to color two

separate sugar images

then popped up part of the girl

I like it...what'cha think?

thanks for lookin

so demure :)

another sugar nellie

she is so pretty
so I tried to give her a pretty setting
some Martha butterflies,
some paper flowers &
some elegant lace, pearls &
glimmer mist
thanks for lookin

still have a headache
hardly any sleep last nite
I can't even see straight
never mind think
anyways talk to ya later girls
take care you

Thursday, April 9, 2009

100% sweet...sugar bowl challenge #8

hey girls!

home today with a migraine

so just a quick post for the sugar bowl challenge

I am not too good at sketches

but here is my attempt

have a great one girls :)

back to bed for me

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

glow golf

we went golfing to this awesome bluelite place

it sure was fun!!!

the pics are hard to see but look close here are the boys in the jaws of a shark!

all the embellies I made with stamps, UTTE and embossing powder...there are no neon embellies that I could find :)

hope you like it

thanks for lookin

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

plantin some love & sugar :)

lovin my Sugar Nellies

they sure are sweet!

colored with my copics,

sprayed with some glimmer mist,

decorated with some Martha butterflies

and some paper flowers :)

hope you likie

see you soon