Saturday, February 27, 2010

my scrap place

my scrap place is in my bacement
we spend alotta our time down here
it is where we watch tv, and
where all my craftiness happens :)
here is a tour
I bought these 2 white shelving cabinets
which fit perfect on either side of another white cabinet
flanking the 2 edges of my walls
and spent much of my week watching the olympics
and organizing myself
I may show what is in all the drawers/containers later
if you guys want and if you have any questions...please ask!!!
thanks for comin by

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

winner winner chicken dinner!!!

wow...186 entries!!!

True Random Number Generator

Min: 1
Max: 186
Powered by RANDOM

which is Leah the Orange!!!

congrads!!! send me your addy to so I can send out your bling :)))

thank you all for entering but more importantly for commenting often on what you see makes me wanna craft more...and better!!!

Monday, February 22, 2010

the list for the candy

thank you SO much for entering!!!
here is the list
good luck!!!

Moni 1-3
helen 4-6
stampi (trish) 7-11
Lisa 12-13
scrapthat (Doll) 14-18
larisa 19-21
ukka 22-24
leah 25-27
Marylou 28-31
sally 32-33
Glennis 34-35
Tammy (T) 36-40
lisa 41-45
Tammy 46-48
Lisa s 49-51
JulyB 52-54
Natasa 55-58
Bobbi 59-61
trafalconer 62
krich 63-64
tess087 65
Jenny 66-68
gocanucksgo 69-70
farhai 71-73
valentina 74-76
wilfreda 77-78
alison 79-80
marsha 81-83
charity crafter 84-87
karenB 88-91
Heike 92-94
kisieltrusk 95-97
katarina 98-100
sian 101
Tammy 102-104
robin 105-109
beadyjan 110-112
kliene85 113-115
rosa 116-119
wintam 120-122
natalie 123-125
hazelQ 126-129
sweetpz 130-133
jan 134-136
papirolina 137-140
paper princess 141-144
shortyrose 145-147
gandi 148-150
jeanna 151-153
fusiafscrapping 154-156
noga 157-159
yukkie jenny 160-162
debbi 163-166
natalie 167-169
chloe 170-172
Tanysol 173-176
rinat 177-179
magis 180-181
mae 182-184
camilla 185-186

please check it over I very well coulda messed it up...last time there was someone who had an issue with the number of enteries they recieved...if you have any issues please comment & I will fix it :)
I will draw a number from the revised list tomorrow nite :) good luck everyone!!!
Thank you!!!

Friday, February 19, 2010


well I have been busy...

busy watchin T.V.

I have always been a sporty girl

played and love many

and I am true north strong

so with the olympics being on

I have been busy :) cheering

I got these olympic quarters

and a new stamp (MoManning)

so I watched...and crafted a little!

To all my Canadian Heros...I could not be prouder

and in the spirit of the games...greetings to all my friends worldwide!!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

happy vday BLING candy.... CLOSED...


I LOVE my family

I LOVE bling

I LOVE vday

I LOVE comments

to all of you who come around so often
and leave me comments,
I thought I'd offer up a candy today
to celebrate the things I LOVE!
so the usual entries
1. for leaving a comment
2. for being a follower
3. for commenting on one of my projects before
4. for spreading the word
& 5 for being one of my usual girls who drop by & comment regularily :))) thank you!
the list is as follows: 1 Martha embossing kit, 20 adhesive Rhinestones/pearl packages, 3 large Martha glitters (silver, gold & bronze), 1 pearl glitter, 2 glitter rolls of Martha ribbon, 4 stems of pinkie pearlized flowers, 4 packages of faceted glass beads, 300 glue on/iron on glass crystals, assorted package of bubbles, Martha brown bling, 2 large packages (1pearl & 1 rhinestones) stickers, 3 packages of colorbok metal words, flourish rhinestones, 1 package of decorative K&C brads, 1 glitter 3d paint, 1 hampton arts glitter glue, 3 stickles and 100 metal beads/charms
open till feb 22 cause I love the number 22 :)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

vday & whiff of joy

so this week at whiff of joy is an awesome sketch by Jane

check it out if you have time!

Anyways it will be love day soon :)

as soon as I saw this sketch I knew it was gonna be Doug's Vday card

hope you like it

I think he will cause it kinda seems sexy...if a card can seem

thank for comin by

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

bow maker

I have seen online bow makers like bow easy

which is an awesome tool...congrads to those that have it!
(oh & watch the tutorial with it cause it is fab)
but I could not find them to order here in canada
so I was thinkin this morning
(I know crazy)
and I thought I could just use some plastic & make it
so I took an old whiteboard calender from last year
that was on thin white plastic,
measured half & cut up the center
rounded it with my corner rounder
and voila!!!
I made 3 different sizes but you could make it any size

the second last pic I show a bow with 3 loops, 2 loops & just one
anyways I think the bows turned out great
& I saved this plastic from the landfill :)
thanks for lookin

Monday, February 8, 2010

easel cards for Anyone 4 Anya Challenge

I went online to see how to make an easel card
but I wanted to make a 12x12 one

since I majored in math in University I should have been able to figure this out no took me awhile lol

but here it is

step 1 cut paper 12x6

step 2 cut one 12x6 in half so you have a 6x6

step 3 score the second 12x6 at 6 inches

step 4 score it again at 9 inches then

step 5 fold in half

step 6 then fold it up at 9 inches

step 7 glue 6x6 from step 2 on top of the upturned edge at 9 inches from step 6
step 8 decorate

My card represents cookies & cream...Oreos :) my fav...double stuffed :)
thanks for comin by

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Tammy's Bday

Is comin up next week

I am gettin her some Stampin Up stuff

but I wanted to make her a card

one that screams her :)

I made this one with only her in mind

happy bday my sweet friend :)))

Saturday, February 6, 2010

I finally got to craft

I have been ridiculously busy




and last but not least


My commitments seem to be growing and I a'ready felt time constraints :(

man I need 2 or 3 of

anyways finally got an hour to put together a lo today

so thanks so much for comin by

& sorry for bein away so long :)

BTW: I used allotta great stuff I got for my bday from Trish & Tammy...thanks my girls :)))