Wednesday, June 30, 2010

farewell Ms. Wallis

my son's teacher is retiring today after many years servicing our community
she is a true gem, lovely & inspirational
a little book I made for her pics :)
thanks for comin by

Monday, June 28, 2010

sweet family

the challenge at Sweet Pea Stampers this week is Earth, Wind & Fire
hope the girls who run the challenge don't mind a few extra elements :)

My sister's and I have always been known as the elements
Earth Wind Fire & Water :)
as different as can be from opposite ends of the world
for those that know us I am sure you can see
Belin is fire :)
Ronda is earth
Lisa is wind
and I am water (featured in both sets)
with my mom and her yellow roses
as all the Air that surrounds us :)

I am gonna hang these frames out at the lake
I rarely make myself stuff,
and often give it away if I do
but not this time
my sisters, mom & me
will now be "hangin" at the lake
always together :)

Sunday, June 27, 2010

sew sweet pea

the challenge from last week is stitching (faux or real)
so the faux sewn edge of the Stampin up dye was perfect :)
love my new stamps
you should check out my sidebar & order you some sweet peas
have a great one

Thursday, June 17, 2010

my friend leo

I think this friend of mine who is getting married next weekend is just a sweetheart
she is a youngin,
who's sassy,
loving & sensitive
she is just a bright light that makes me smile :)
anyways I ordered these FANTASTIC digi stamps today!!!
had to have these Kenny stamps
and this particular image screamed Leanora to me :)
so here is her shower/stagette card :)
luv ya leo!!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

a girl from work

asked for some frames for her daughter's coming out party
the theme is wish apon a star
and she also wanted a frame to give the girl who had her party last year "the queen" as they call this is what I came up with
thanks for lookin

Monday, June 14, 2010


I am so excited
I have never had such a new car
even though we worked really hard to get him
I still feel a little guilty :)
like eating an entire chocolate bar or a whole bag of chips
a guilty pleasure that I am not sad about
I am just like "oh my word" about!!!
This car has been my dream car for over 5 years now
to top it off I ordered a Bently chrome grill
should be here next week and we have been lookin at blingbling wheels
did I say...oh my word!?!
anyone wanna come over for a ride :)
I love my car :)
thanks for comin by and sharin in my excitement :)))

sweet pea sketch

I went to sweet pea stampers this morning
and saw a sketch that went perfectly with the card I made yesterday couple of modifications & presto :)
I do not know if I like it better plain or embellied
what do you think???
thanks for comin by

Sunday, June 13, 2010

sweet pea

the last challenge was a color one
aqua & brown
didn't get a chance to make it till tonite
and her hair glaze is still wet and the challenge was closed...but that's ok :)
thanks for comin to visit

the wedding album is complete!!!

there is a crapload of pics to follow...hope you got time :)

there are some 4x6 slide in holders at the back for more candid pics.
the wedding is in less than 2 weeks now so I am glad I got it all done :)))
I have been crazy busy but the most noteworthy thing is
I also bought a car last week I will post a pic when it gets home :)))
it's my dream car :) so I am VERY EXCITED!!!
anyways thanks for comin by
sorry I haven't posted in so long:(
hope to be back again soon
have a great one till then!