Sunday, May 29, 2011

gh4 card caddy 200+ cards!!!

I work as a nurse on a ward that deals primarily with medical issues

I know you are all like "what does that mean?" LOL
I will sum it up quickly
what it means is that we are a very busy place
with so many stressful situations every day.
I am the Clinical Resource...I know what does that mean? LOL
it simple means that when the staff have issues with patients, staff or procedures
I try to help them :)

However there are also so many times when my girls solve issues themselves.
They are awesome individuals who I have the pleasure to work with
and for many I have the pleasure of calling them my friends too.

We spend so much time together,
endure so many shifts without breaks
or just times when our hearts are broken
& our minds are overwhelmed.
I call them my girls/peeps
cause I think of them as family
and would not only want to protect them...try to everyday!

When I think of the little things I witness daily,
and huge things that have occurred at work
I always think of the amazing staff!
I think of all the tears,
the hugs,
the fears,
the excellence
the stress,
and the happiness
I have been lucky enough to be part of.
I think of these times and wish I had a card to pull that new girl up after a med error, after a "code blue" when the nurse knew there was something wrong but couldn't prevent it, to help that nurse that gave 100% of her day to her dying patient (including her break) and then spent 15 minutes crying to me cause she felt she should have done more.
I wish I had a card for every single time a person unintentionally hurt someone's feelings,
yelled at someone out of frustration, or hugged a patient in the hall. I wish there was a card to make sure every single person I work with feels valued, appreciated and special...cause my word that is what these people are!!!
I made this card caddy to put at the desk at work, so when others notice someone or something special, they "can" grab a card & let them know. I want to try to prevent all this "awesomeness" from going unnoticed.

hope you like it :)
thanks for comin by


this week it is team b's turn at Fab florals :)))
hope you have some time for the challenge
I hope I get a chance too :)))
thanks for comin by!
I have been working on a card collection for my work
hope to get it posted today after I get some shuteye :)))
see ya later peeps :)))

Thursday, May 26, 2011

tcpf beautiful

this week TCPF has a beautiful theme :)

"things of beauty"

with all the gorgeous sheets Amy has to offer

it was not hard to find somethin beautiful in the mix :)

thanks so much for comin by

Sunday, May 22, 2011


WOW is right!!!

Loved this white on white color challenge from KKKG this week!!!

Kenny is offering 5 digi's of the winner's choice

Crafty Emma is offering a stamp called Fabulous

Guest Designer is Alaine

hope you can join us :)

thanks so much for comin by!

Friday, May 20, 2011

SPS hope

the challenge this week at SPS is lace & pearls

I believe strongly in the power of hope

thanks for comin by

hope you get a chance to enter :)

Monday, May 16, 2011



apparently blogger had some issues on friday :(

all here is my crafty purple frog post :)

hope you can join us!!!

I do LOVE me some black & white

so when TCPF decided on a mono challenge

I knew exactly what I would do.

Thanks for looking

Sunday, May 15, 2011


the challenge this week over at KKKG is dies & punches
but it is team b's week.
I am in the United States with friends & kids shoppin & havin fun this weekend
I am sure to have a bunch of pics soon!!!
I hope you get a chance to make a kk card :)
much love everyone!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

my mother's day gift (second post for today)

to myself, my mom & my mother in law :)
was an online scrapbook that I had printed into coffee table books
hope you like it too :)
check out my mixbook in my sidebar :)

I schedualled this post as I am out for breakie
with my boys & my mom & all my sisters
I am sure we are about to get kicked out of the restaurant
(LOL we are a rowdy bunch...hehe)
then I will be off to my motherinlaws

I will show you what I get from my boys later :)
I have 2 beautifully wrapped gifts
and they are SO EXCITED to give them to me
so they must be great
can't wait myself :)

hugs for all the woman in my life
to all you mom's out there
you deserve a beautiful day
hugs to all those that have great moms
and more importantly to those that no longer do
much love to you all this Mother's Day!

kkkg retro

everyone knows I LOVE Kenny's images

and the challenge at KKKG this week is the perfect way to showcase these images!

love this new image, combined with "part" of an older one

made it easy to represent the "retro" challenge

thanks so much for comin by!!!

hopefully you can join in on our challenge!!!

Friday, May 6, 2011

SPS Shower of Flowers

I love the promises spring brings

I love flowers

thanks so much for comin by

hope to see you soon

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Kenny K

this week we have new images!!!
with 2 boys it is hard to make crafts
it just got A LOT easier!!!
so this week at KKKG we are honoring our dads :)
and these image rock :)
here's my card for one of the guys in my life :)

thanks so much for comin by
now get your new images!!!