Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Whiff of Joy Challenge #36

here is another woj challenge

check it out here

Heather's Sketch is gorgeous

and was real easy to create a great card!
give it a shot girls

here's mine

thanks for comin by
p.s. I need to thank an awesome friend for all these stamped images :)
p.s.#2 just to let you know the paper behind Melinda is silver...kinda hard to tell in the pic

Monday, June 29, 2009

Whiff of Joy

I LOVE WOJ stamps

although I currently only own the one

I intend to order many more so that will soon change :)

if you check out the owners blog Katharina

she is having a blog hop

you make a card using the sketch she created

she will pick 15 winners to host the blog hop & you get a new release WOJ stamp

sounds cool to me!

get your sketch on girls!!!

here is mine :)

thanks for lookin and Katharina

thanks for considering me for the hop :)
take care girls

Sunday, June 28, 2009

the beach

my weekend at my mom's cottage in Grand Beach was so tranquil

my mom at my beck & call :)))
and my boys gettin absolutely their every whim met by Oma

yep...could you get a better weekend?

not likely
then top it off with some absolutely fab pictures
yep not likely better :)

The downside is my d60 got some sand in it I think
so I brought my baby in today for a cleaning & was told I could be without it for 10 WEEKS!!!
I may need to purchase another one & return it whenever I get mine back :(((
so these photos of my los are taken with my old point & shoot
Oh my I never realized what a huge, huge difference there is!!!!!!!
I loved my nikon point & shoot when I used it
but I REALLY LOVE my d60
So keep in mind how these pics were taken :(
but I hope you still like the layout

thanks for comin by
see ya soon

Friday, June 26, 2009

Just Mag

Bev's sketch is fabulous

get over to Just Magnolia & craft yourself into this challenge

I am off to the lake for the weekend

Canada Day celebrations in Lac duBonnet

awesome times

hope you all have a fantastic weekend!!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

summer magnolia challenge

I am kinda late

you only have until tomorrow nite to enter

but here is mine :)

I got my new Mags tonite when I got home from work

and could not wait to ink em up :)))

hope you like my "summer" entry for this challenge

get on your mojo & think hot :)

see ya girls

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

pay it forward

well I have thought about it

made some angels

would LOVE to see what others make

& how they give them away

so this will go like this

spread the word (if you want)

become a follower (if you want)

leave me a comment

I will draw on my baby's bday

July 8th

you will get my handmade 12 angels

and 12 more "wings" to make

& give away as you see fit

to pay it forward :)

thanks for droppin by

Thursday, June 18, 2009

off to the beach

yep goin to Grand Beach for the weekend

to be pampered by my mom :)

that just makes me smile lol

I need a rest for what will be an absolutely crazy week next week

but I wanted to leave you with a card

that has on it one of my new loves


and look at the sweet angel

so simple to make

anyways...you all are angels

see ya next week & have a fab time whatever you are up to :)

sugar bowl Lilians Sketch

it is an awesome sketch

very easy to create a card you will love

hopefully you like mine & it spurs you to join in the sugar challenge

good luck & thanks for lookin

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

just magnolia challenge

I did two posts for two challenges today

so over at Just Magnolia

they have a monthy challenge out right now

asks to alter a container to recycle it

ANY container

The only specification is that you must use a Magnolia stamp.

so get altering girls & get in the challenge :)
secondly this weeks challenge is paper piecing
which you all know I love
so this fits in both :)

thanks for comin by

see ya soon


Well I have not really done much in the way of challenges

but I thought I would give a few a go

the first one is at the
whiff of joy challenge blog
on paper piecing...which I LOVE

so here is my entry...

hope it inspires you to try it

and to check out the awesome Whiff of Joy stamps!!!

thanks for comin by

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

great fun

there's nothin like...

great fun...

at the lake


that perrty much sums it up :)

just some crazy fun pics

Hope everyone is well

see ya soon

Monday, June 15, 2009

brothers are forever

indeed they are

and I am proud that

my boys are really each other's BFF's,

most worthy opponents,

partners in every single crime

and cherished buddies

These are pics from the lake a few weekends ago

together their spirits shine...just look!

The edges are stamped in glue & sprinkled with sand from our lake :)

alot of the embellies are from a new Colorbok line called My Wild Life (ecofriendly products)

which is kinda cool...I am scrappin & savin trees all in one :)

Have a great one!

See ya soon

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Pretty Wicked

back to business

all last week I wanted to do this card

loved the new sketch over at The Sugar Bowl

you have till Wednesday

so go get your sugar on :)))

thanks for comin by

see ya soon

Saturday, June 13, 2009

the sale!

well I did not sell out
but I did sell alot
enough to buy ALL the Magnolia stamps I have been wanting :)))
yep smiling over here!

I am happy not only because of the fact that I am gettin my stamps
but I got to spend a lot of time with my sisters
and every single person who stopped at my table
had one thing to say...
"you do beautiful stuff"
that was surely nice to hear.
I also had to laugh at some of the other coments like:
"man you got a lot of time on your hands"
or " you must not have any kids to occupy your time"
or "you must be a craft rep of some sort"
and " you got some kinda "craft thumb"
and smile at the ones who said:
"so gorgeous"
"wow...so nice"
"holy crap"
and ponder life lessons in some comments like:
"if I had money I would buy this for my mom" he was about 10yrs old
or a lady who carefully combed through all the cards & books & such, when she left she said " sorry I am not going to buy anything but you are quite an artist"

So although I did not make a million dollars
I had a ton of fun
and man oh man, it was good for my "crafty ego"
I know & appreciate that you girls say all the same things
and I love it that you come back here and leave such loving comments but...
you have to your my friends :)))
thanks for everything :)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I am sorry

I have had THE busiest week
with work
the boys
the H1N1 scare @ work
the boys
the craft garden sale coming up
the boys
the lake
the boys
then I spent the nite in the hospital with???gallstone
the boys
oh & did I mention...the boys LOL
with school ending & the girl who works the other half of my job leaving
I have had NO time for nothin
I have crafted gettin ready for the sale this weekend
but just more of the post it notes & frames & these awesome garden journals (that took forever to make) I just have not bothered to post.
but I did get some new stamps this week
the skater Ian & surfer Ryan came, some new Sugar Nellies and a couple Mags so as soon as the weekend is over I will get to new creations with those!!!
I hope to get a picture of all my creations for sale
wish me luck my girls
see ya soon

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

some news & a card

well my baby has grown up overnite!

this morning he pulled out his first tooth!!!

Oh my word how fast is life?

I am tryin to cherish each moment

but man oh man this whirlwind life makes it hard

I cannot believe that Zack is finishing Kindergarten

Nick is goin into grade 3

and with every awesome memory we make

so much more time passes

crazy I say...just crazy!!!

My card for today is from my new Greeting Farm stamps...Dahlia Anya :) love her!

thanks for comin by girls

hope you like my card
see ya soon
I work the next few days
hope to get in some crafty time!!!

Monday, June 1, 2009

lake pics of my boys

the lake is a special place

a place where we can all just relax

where the boys are so themselves

they are happy



just perfect in every single way

just look at them!!!

thanks for coming by

just a peek into our lives

hope you like my lo

any questions feel free to ask anything

see ya soon