Saturday, June 13, 2009

the sale!

well I did not sell out
but I did sell alot
enough to buy ALL the Magnolia stamps I have been wanting :)))
yep smiling over here!

I am happy not only because of the fact that I am gettin my stamps
but I got to spend a lot of time with my sisters
and every single person who stopped at my table
had one thing to say...
"you do beautiful stuff"
that was surely nice to hear.
I also had to laugh at some of the other coments like:
"man you got a lot of time on your hands"
or " you must not have any kids to occupy your time"
or "you must be a craft rep of some sort"
and " you got some kinda "craft thumb"
and smile at the ones who said:
"so gorgeous"
" nice"
"holy crap"
and ponder life lessons in some comments like:
"if I had money I would buy this for my mom" he was about 10yrs old
or a lady who carefully combed through all the cards & books & such, when she left she said " sorry I am not going to buy anything but you are quite an artist"

So although I did not make a million dollars
I had a ton of fun
and man oh man, it was good for my "crafty ego"
I know & appreciate that you girls say all the same things
and I love it that you come back here and leave such loving comments but...
you have to your my friends :)))
thanks for everything :)


Tammy (Scrappy and T) said...

I'm happy to hear that it went well. Super nice that you were able to spend the day with your sister. I am also happy to hear all the comments you received. I am happy that other people had the opportunity to let you know how wonderfully talented you are! You rawk V!

Scrapthat said...

I'm so so happy to hear you did so well! You are talented and do awesome work and I'm glad you got to hear alot of that Nessa!

Kim Piggott said...

Hi Vanessa,
So glad everything went well for you!
How gratifying to know how much people appreciate your wonderful talent!
How lovely to be know that new rubber is on the horizon too!
Take care.
big hugs
kim xxx

Vanessa (aka V'ness, Nessa, oldschool) said...

thank you so much girls :)))

Paola said...

Sounds like a huge hit. I'm glad you had a good time and are able to purchase all those lovely stamps.

Trish a.k.a stampi said...

Well great news V..I was wondering how it may not have made a million but new magnolia stamps it pretty darn close...yep people are odd too some are sooo sweet others well they just don't get out much...and thats probably a good thing..those odd ball ones like you have no kids or lots of time..ooh I smell a green monster happy days for you and you have now done your first craft sale and you know what to expect..I have been doing craft sales with my folks for years its an experience all right...glad people out there had the chance to apprieciate your awesome work and let you know how awesome you are...glad you had a super time with your sister too..

Cindye Wile said...

Glad to hear it went well. :) and you got to spend time with family in the process, that's wonderful. :)
You so deserve all the wonderful comments.