Sunday, May 31, 2009

Tammy's girls

my good friend Tammy

who lives in etown

asked if I could make her some girls :)

oh my I think that is one of THE biggest compliments ever

to have a crafty friend ask for one of my creations

it makes me feel important

and kinda freaked out a little too

not that all my frames aren't made to the best of my ability

but when a crafty person asks the pressure is sure on

and to top it off

Tammy is such a special girl

I have felt like I have been friends with her forever

I look forward to her creations,

I value her friendship,

she gives me so many gifts,

I would trust her with my boys

and I have never met her in person

now doesn't that say it all!!!

Tammy I hope you like your girls

so much of my love went into them!

hugs my girl XO

Friday, May 29, 2009

just because Magnolia Challenge

I did this for the Just Magnolia challenge blog animals & bugs :)

very cute challenge

I love this studio G just because saying

and combined it with some ladybugs

& of course a Magnolia stamp :)
thanks for lookin

We are off to the lake for the weekend

hope everyone gets nothing but sunshine & good times

see ya soon

Monday, May 25, 2009

beautiful in bling

these pictures are actually the boys reflections

in Doug's new bling 20" wheels for the hotrod

I was takin some shots of the progress

and just happened to see Nick's reflection

that was it I HAD to have the boys pose for me

I love how they turned out but I wanted

to be able to see the boys & the reflection

in the layout, I came up with a solution

I put the 5x7 pics into card sleeves

and used the adhesive on the sleeves to glue them in

so I could flip the pictures and hide the journaling in behind

I love how it turned out


very blingy
just like I wanted it

thanks so much for looking

I am working evenings all week

so not sure if there will be any crafty time

but hopefully

see ya soon

Friday, May 22, 2009

just thinking of you Sugar Bowl #11

I am sure loving the Sugar Bowl challenges

and although I am not great at following sketches Kathy's was fun!

hope you like my entry!

not my usual colors but I loved the sunflowers & wanted to use them today!

thanks for droppin by :)

get your sugar on & enter!!! and use pearls!!!

p.s I will be workin tonite & will post the winner of my candy in the am

thanks for all you who entered!!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

my friends

my gurl Cindy sent me this AWESOME first
I pass it on to all of you sweet girls who visit me
who leave me words of encouragement, enabling & support
I could not...well...would not be doing this without you
for all you girls from CS&C I miss you & your lives immensely
but as that door closed...this one opened
I am SO grateful for many of the lifelong friends I made there
that site was the building block of THIS
cause I sure couldn't have thought about my own blog 2 years ago
I have come to meet some other truly amazing girls here
blogland is rich with beauty!!!

I pass this award onto all of you anonymous commenters first...cause so many of you are my friends here in winnipeg & I thank you for taking the time to leave comments...I know it is hard for you but I appreciate it so much!

To my I make things I think of many of you so often
"oh Trish would die for this skull monkey" or Tammy for these butterflies :)
I say ooohhh black & white is Cindy's fav...she's gonna love this card fer sure (back at you my friend)
or I know this design & coloring is inspired by the beautiful work & spirit of my hero Kim or by the encouraging words of crafting greats like Rach
I think often of the girls with awesome work & a ton of heart like Steph and Noel
and girls I can only strive to be like Betsy, Lauren, Kelli, and Vikki
and to my awesome girlfriends Em, Lisa, Molly, K, Steph, Angie, Sam, and Chris
you girls are all tagged...I am sure you all don't visit me...but I visit you :)
If you do see these friends awards...know I cherish you & pass it on to your friends who inspire you :)
man that took a real long time for this pathetic 2 finger typer to get through!
hope I got everyone's links right but if not you can find all these girls on my blogroll
If you do not know them...get to...they are fanflippintastic peeps :)



to the point

kinda like me

hope you like it

see ya soon

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

miss you Anya

I between puttin some new stuff in my etsy shop

I made this card

I am not sure but I just thought Anya seemed sad last nite :(

miss you was the sentiment I choose

no reason really

maybe cause the house was SO quiet

both the boys were asleep

and Doug caught Zack's flu

so I was givin him tylenol & coolin his cloth

but in between that I was makin this card

I think she looks so pretty

but sad indeed

thanks for lookin

see ya soon

beauty from a 5 year old!

oh my!!!

this is what my youngest was workin on this morning!!!

what a proud mom I am :)

and he too was so proud of himself

just look at that huge smile!

Nick is still workin on his!

Monday, May 18, 2009

thinkin of you

thinkin of all of you while I made this card

wonderin if all my online

and at home friends & family are ok

we had come home early from the lake

our youngest got the flu & puked his guts out

it was just better to be at home

the lake will have to wait for us :)

thanks for visitin us

take care you

more with flowers from Kim

lovin these flowers :)

another card for the flower club

also used the Martha butterfly punch that Trish sent me
man I got good friends :)
and I totally appreciate you all

Sunday, May 17, 2009

My UK friend Kim

she is such a beautiful spirit

and I am lucky to know her

she sent me an awesome friend card

and a bunch of goodies

some flowers, some embellies & ribbon

but most cherished is this card!

I made a card with some of the goodies too :)
thanks for lookin


well I have to say OH MY!!!
so many new people to my blog
which is so cool!!!
so thank you to all of those who visited
hope to see you again soon!
As for all you girls who have been here from the beginning
check out the post about friends down below
that is for you :)))

It was an amazing response to this candy
so thank you all!!!
a total of 83 entries were put into a randon number generator
the results:
True Random Number Generator Min: 1
Max: 83
Result: 12
Powered by RANDOM.ORG
so number 12 is I AM IN SHOCK
Cards by Kim...Kim Piggott
I have your addy girl
out to you today!!!

a little somethinsomethin to win


I am going out to the lake tomorrow for the long weekend
so I thought it was the perfect time for some candy
a blog giveaway
a rak :)
all I want you to do is leave me a comment
tell me what you like about my blog
gets you one entry
if you have a blog & link me in it
you get a second entry
if you become a folower that's three :)
three times lucky I say!!!

this giveaway has many of my favorite things in it
for so many of my favorite girls!!!
some copics (6),
a justrite monogram stamper,
3 sugar nellie stamps,
a Penny Black stamp,
a Tim Holtz stamp set,
a Heidi Grace border stamp set,
a boy & girl sandylion stamp set,
a close to my heart stamp set,
an acrylic ink pad,
a premium cardstock stack,
some felt decorative borders,
some pretty paper flowers & blue plastic ones,
some droplets, some rain drops (hearts&flowers),
and lastly but not least, some adhesive pearls & BLING

help me spread the word girls
I would love some more regular visitors to my blog :)
draw will be on my favorite number 22 (of May)
I will post it to anywhere in the world
so good luck ALL my friends!!!
thanks so much

Monday, May 11, 2009

jinn's girls

ok Jeanette...a peek at your girls

think, love & pray

in mint, pink & spring colors :)
hope you love them

they will be on your walls soon :)

thanks everyone for comin by :)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

happy mom's day all!

the boys woke me up this morning with huge smiles, I love you's & Zacky sung happy birthday to mom...LOL...yes it was so sweet. I got a few crafty presents from my favorite store...dollarama...handpicked by my boys :) and zack brought home a pink spoon dipped in chocolate & the cutest bookmark with a picture of him, a signature & an awesomely colored MOTHER on the front :) Nick brought me a sweet jewlery box he painted and a very elegant beaded bracelet he strung himself...I am wearing it until it falls off :) I LOVE it but more importantly I loved there obvious joy in giving me the gifts...their pride was evident...their love perfect!!!
we were up extremely early to have breakfast with my mom & sisters before our married lives take over for the day. It was so nice to hug all my sisters, to visit with them over breakfast & just enjoy their company :)
Then we went to my motherinlaws and it was our first sunny, nice day...the kids went off to play with Brooke, my inlaws neighbors 12 year old, she loves the boys and is a goddess in their while they played, the adults had champaine & OJ in the front yard in THE fanciest longstem glasses...OMG it was just fantastic...I felt like a princess & we just had so much fun. An unplanned day can just be THE best day ever. Doug had planned to go in the garage & work but my sister came by...we went shoppin...then my inlaws neighbors came over to ensure we came back to my inlaws for a BBQ. So after my sister & I got home, the boys & I picked up steaks & garlic bread & headed over for a huge BBQ. It was just awesome to spend time visitin & laughin & havin an awesome time :) All my boys, Doug included, are asleep now, it's like 8pm lol...too funny...but I could not be more proud of them...or love them more :)
happy mom's day ladies...we all know we deserve it...hope you too had a killer day

Saturday, May 9, 2009

my friends frames

well I still can not move the pictures within the post

if anyone has any suggestions???

when I click on the picture the curser changes to the moving curser but then it doesn't move...aaahhhh...frustrating!!!

so 2 of my friends were over & bought some cards

they also ordered a set of framed girls each

Khris's are first...a sneak peek for her

they look fab in real life if I do not say so myself :)
I just love her 3 girl choices

with the earthy colors she wanted

and her requested words

all together look nice to me

what'ya think?
thanks for comin by!

Friday, May 8, 2009

anya cards

one of the things I LOVE about this stamp

is the diversity of her

here is a 3 card set

for a girlfriend :)))

she is beautifully brown

and so anya was colored to match

love, love that!!!

thanks for lookin

see ya soon

Thursday, May 7, 2009

second skater ian

love him still

need him more :)

hope you like

see ya soon

skater ian

sorry bout the picture placement
for the last 2 posts I am unable to move the pictures
not sure why or what is different
sorry :( I bite at computers LOL

Anyways back to skater ian




one of my girls Trish (thx girl) sent me some stamped images of skater Ian

it is SO awesome to get images from friends but honestly not for loser me

If I sell some more cards in the next few days I am gonna order him...if I can find a place to buy him!!!
thanks for droppin by :)
Doug is off playin with cars & car parts for his bday :) so might as well craft...another skater card comin up soon :)

sugar bowl challenge 10

I love the sugar bowl :)

I don't love sketches but this one was real pretty!

get out your paper & scissors & give this sugar a try!

thanks for being behind me girls

I really feel everyones support :)

I am feeling better everyday

hope you like my entry

see you soon
p.s. a shout out today to my hubby!!! happy bday babe...luv ya

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

sorry girls

I have not been feelin myself

and although I have been craftin
got about 20 more cards done for the sale
and a few Mom Day cards
I just have not posted
So tonite one of my sisters was over
we visited
we ate chips
we watched tv
and we colored :)
I chose my new Anyas
and did a set of Live, Love. Life frames

hope you likie :)

thanks for droppin by

Sunday, May 3, 2009

more cards to sell

I made a few more 2 packs

16 cards yesterday & finished them off today

I like these sets

they are very "flower clubish" :)
thanks for comin by
let me know what you think

Saturday, May 2, 2009

frames done with a friend

well my girlfriend was over tonite

and she loved these frames

so she wanted to make a few with my new Anya stamps

she colored her 3 images for 2 days!!!


but man oh man are they fab!

check out these beauties
I only helped a bit :)
thanks for lookin

my day yesterday

was spend with a good friend

she brought us shepards pie for supper

and then spent the day visitin with me

it was so nice & made me feel very pampered :)

I did get a few cards made as we visited

and after she left I did a few more

each plastic comes in a set with 2 cards & two envies

28 nothin stellar but a few to sell at the garden club

thanks for lookin

Friday, May 1, 2009

post it set #2

I am likin these better

nicer colors or somethin

anyways here are 5 more

thanks for lookin