Monday, May 25, 2009

beautiful in bling

these pictures are actually the boys reflections

in Doug's new bling 20" wheels for the hotrod

I was takin some shots of the progress

and just happened to see Nick's reflection

that was it I HAD to have the boys pose for me

I love how they turned out but I wanted

to be able to see the boys & the reflection

in the layout, I came up with a solution

I put the 5x7 pics into card sleeves

and used the adhesive on the sleeves to glue them in

so I could flip the pictures and hide the journaling in behind

I love how it turned out


very blingy
just like I wanted it

thanks so much for looking

I am working evenings all week

so not sure if there will be any crafty time

but hopefully

see ya soon


lottie said...

That's very clever - love the reflections

Traceemom said...

What a great idea Vanessa! So smart! :D

Tammy (Scrappy and T) said...

Oh My .. this turned out just perfect .. awesome work!!

Tammy (Scrappy and T) said...

BTW .. cool idea for the jounalling

Trish a.k.a stampi said...

Great lo the bling. The photos are fantastic and the journaling is superb. You have a wonderful family and you are a wonderful your scrap pages they are always so wonderful.

Vanessa (aka V'ness, Nessa, oldschool) said...

thank you so much girls!
Lottie, thanks for continuing to visit me :)
Kim and T&T, my girls, U RAWK :)
Tracee!!! OMG how are you? How did your dd dress turn out? how is she doing? I have missed you!

Paola said...

OH that is one of the coolest layouts I have ever seen.
Wow it's fantastic and so creative.
Love the swirls/flourishes/flames they are the perfect touch.
It's wonderful when things work out so perfectly.

Anonymous said...

So nice to 'see' the boys again. Great work V.

Cindye Wile said...

Wow ... very cool shots ... I love them. :) and of course, your layout is awesome ... love the bling and how you hid the journalling ... fabulous.
Hope your evening shifts go quickly ... don't ya hate it when work gets in the way of scrapping ...:( blah .. LOL

Scrapthat said...

My comment got lost...Very cool as always Nessa!

Vanessa (aka V'ness, Nessa, oldschool) said...

P, Robin, Cindy & old nice to hear from you! thank you for the love :)

Thad Be Me said...

Wow the photo's are incredible. you are a multi talented person..just incredible..