Wednesday, May 20, 2009

my friends

my gurl Cindy sent me this AWESOME first
I pass it on to all of you sweet girls who visit me
who leave me words of encouragement, enabling & support
I could not...well...would not be doing this without you
for all you girls from CS&C I miss you & your lives immensely
but as that door closed...this one opened
I am SO grateful for many of the lifelong friends I made there
that site was the building block of THIS
cause I sure couldn't have thought about my own blog 2 years ago
I have come to meet some other truly amazing girls here
blogland is rich with beauty!!!

I pass this award onto all of you anonymous commenters first...cause so many of you are my friends here in winnipeg & I thank you for taking the time to leave comments...I know it is hard for you but I appreciate it so much!

To my I make things I think of many of you so often
"oh Trish would die for this skull monkey" or Tammy for these butterflies :)
I say ooohhh black & white is Cindy's fav...she's gonna love this card fer sure (back at you my friend)
or I know this design & coloring is inspired by the beautiful work & spirit of my hero Kim or by the encouraging words of crafting greats like Rach
I think often of the girls with awesome work & a ton of heart like Steph and Noel
and girls I can only strive to be like Betsy, Lauren, Kelli, and Vikki
and to my awesome girlfriends Em, Lisa, Molly, K, Steph, Angie, Sam, and Chris
you girls are all tagged...I am sure you all don't visit me...but I visit you :)
If you do see these friends awards...know I cherish you & pass it on to your friends who inspire you :)
man that took a real long time for this pathetic 2 finger typer to get through!
hope I got everyone's links right but if not you can find all these girls on my blogroll
If you do not know them...get to...they are fanflippintastic peeps :)


~ Mylene ~ said...

Awww......(smiling) are a darling. :o)

It's a gift to have you in my life.

Peace ~


Anonymous said...

Love ya sis be well see ya soon

Trish a.k.a stampi said...

okay pass the dam tissue...whew girl you are getting me all upset at back at ya V...I'm so glad to have met you even though we have not met in person I just knew you were someone who was going to be in my life whether you liked it or just kidding about the second part but luckily V you have taken me in as friend and my life is now blessed with your friendship. I like you, I like your spirit, I like your work, I like your beauty that shines through everything you do and in the faces of your family...thanks honey...see you soon...

lottie said...

Congratulations on your award - and such nice sentiments - off to look at all the links

Tammy (Scrappy and T) said...

Aww .. back at ya sista (ya, your my sista from anotha mista - lol)

I so love coming to your blog and seeing your next creation :-)

I am so happy to have you in my life :-)

I hope to check out all the blogs of these "fanflippintastic peeps" you are talking about :-)

Paola said...

You are the sweetest person. Happiness is to have you as a friend.

Anonymous said...

Nice stuff Ness. It was rgeat to work with you. I had some good laughs.

Cindye Wile said...

HUGS! :)