Tuesday, February 9, 2010

bow maker

I have seen online bow makers like bow easy

which is an awesome tool...congrads to those that have it!
(oh & watch the tutorial with it cause it is fab)
but I could not find them to order here in canada
so I was thinkin this morning
(I know crazy)
and I thought I could just use some plastic & make it
so I took an old whiteboard calender from last year
that was on thin white plastic,
measured half & cut up the center
rounded it with my corner rounder
and voila!!!
I made 3 different sizes but you could make it any size

the second last pic I show a bow with 3 loops, 2 loops & just one
anyways I think the bows turned out great
& I saved this plastic from the landfill :)
thanks for lookin


Scrapthat said...

Great work you smarty pants you!!

Scrapthat said...

Kay it took under five minutes for me to grab a lid off my formula can that was headed to the landfill measure cut...don't really need a corner rounder, eyeballed it and cut with my scissors and had a bow made in mere minutes...gonna make smaller ones too...they are just too "neat and tidy" not too! Thanks Nessa! now I'm gonna send the gals in to peek!

Trish a.k.a stampi said...

Brilliant V..okay this is so freaking good..now I have to figure this out..do you just loop it over the sides a few times and then up the middle...sorry I'm obviously missing something..maybe I just need to play...thanks again lady.

Vanessa (aka V'ness, Nessa, oldschool) said...

no sweet T...watch the video at my link

Tammy (Scrappy and T) said...

super cool!!!!

Christine said...

I had a couple different sized homemade ones too, but last time I made a purchase at Stamp and Create, I picked up a Bow Easy, they're pretty cheap. Never thought to use a corner rounder, very smart!

Christine said...

Oh, and they do ship to Canada, that's where I am, too.

Mary said...

What a great idea. Thanks for sharing. Think I'll make a couple for myself.


Glennis F said...

Thanks for sharing - I often wondered how these things worked

Moni said...

Thanks for the tutorial for making bow! Hugs,moni

Lisa said...

Thanks for sharing, I have a bow maker but i have not used it yet!!!

Mary Lou said...

Wow that looks toooo easy!! When I went to order one they were sold out :( Will just have to keep trying~~they must be good :)

Julye said...

This is fab so much easier than fiddly fingers, I'm struggling with tiny bows just now so will give it a go later. Thanks for sharing Julye

Bobbi said...

Cute idea. Never thought to make my own

gocanucksgo said...

Fantastic idea! It beats getting a fork from the kitchen all the time (they can be done with forks as well!!).

kisieltruskawkowy said...

Phantastic idea! Now, my bows will be prettier :) thanks

Beadyjan said...

Thats such a simple yet great idea. thanks for sharing it and describing it so well.

HazelQ said...

Yey!!! Finally a tutorial with pictures on how to make a nice bow without having the bow easy tool :P thank you for sharing this info I will give it a try.

gandi said...

What a great tutorial! I will try it!!! I love making bows with two different colours. You can see it in my webshots album:


Debbi said...

What a great tutorial! That was so helpful--thanks!

Tammy said...

What a great idea....I am going to have to try this as I just made two bows and they were a pain in the butt. Thanks a bunch.

Esme said...

That's a great idea!! Mum and I are very "bow challenged" and it's so frustrating trying to get the tails on the same side!! Think I'm gonna go and find some plastic and make some of these - the video makes it look so easy!!

Thanks for sharing!

Esme x

JAN said...

pure brilliance and and recycling too