Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I have THE BESTEST friend EVER!!!

she is my sweet girl from etown Tammy

I sent her a set of framed girls a while back and I got something so awesome in return!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh my word I have seen these stamps & thought about it but just never got around to ordering one because truthfully it is such a luxury, one I would not have thought my crafts worth.

So I am totally crying here because T ordered me something
JUST for me
MADE for only me
because she thought my stuff is worth it


and LOOK at it...could it be more perfect?

no I think not!!!

I am SO complimented
so honored
so humbled
and so thankful



Tammy (Scrappy and T) said...

Oh V .. you rawk!! So happy you like it :-)

I have been MIA .. my computer is in the shop with a virus .. I can only get onto the blogs from work (shhh dont tell anyone - lol).

Anyhoo .. you totally deserve it!!!

Enjoy :-)

Anonymous said...

That is a lovely stamp and you have a very thoughtful friend who sent it to you. Now you can stamp your work!

Jen Abel

Scrapthat said...

How sweet of Tammy to get that for you!
You deserve it.

Paola said...

How wonderfully sweet is that! You so deserve it V! Tammy is the best! Enjoy!

Lisa G. said...

SO GREAT!!! BOTH OF YOU!!! sniffle sniffle....

Minxy said...

Aw great stamp, you lucky thing, its beautiful :O)

Thad Be Me said...

That is just awesome..What a great thing to get and a great thing to give..Tammy..