Wednesday, August 12, 2009


just a card

thanks for comin by
a few tidbits of today, in no particular order
I got my camera back :)
I got my plane ticket for etown scrapfest in the mail :)
hydro is diggin up my entire front yard for transformer work :(
I work tomorrow
Zack is doin great at Sylvan, really learnin alot :)
Nick hates to read :(
I ordered a lot of stamps I have been wanting to this week :)
My friends son Cody had his surgery & is doin well :)))
We are havin fresh beans from the garden for supper :) (oh & sloppy joes)
the boys are eachother's bff :))))))))))))))))
life is good
see ya soon


lottie said...

I adore you blog - your work is stunning

Lisa G. said...

Omg she is adorable!!! I'm so jeleous that you get to go to Etown!!!

Tammy (Scrappy and T) said...

cute card :-)

you got your ticket today .. yay .. wont be long now!!

Trish a.k.a stampi said...

V love this stamp and love what you have done with it ..great choice in sweet.

Kim Piggott said...

Wow Vanessa that is some catch up love it!
Your card is so adorable!
She is so cute and your cherries are perfect!
Congratulations on your award!
kim x

Cindye Wile said...

adorable card. :)