Monday, November 30, 2009

13 years

of our awesome marriage today :)

I find it hard to believe we have been together for over 20 years

and already married 13 :)

I love you now for many more reasons than when we got married

but I am most happy with the fact that I still like you

through all the trials in my life there has always been us

you are my best everything

love you hon

thanks for makin me smile

and for always answering my "do I look fat" with the correct answer

to many more years of happinesses

thanks for comin by


our wedding colors were B&W

and the 13th anniversary is lace :)


Kim Piggott said...

Oh wow!
Congratulations Vanessa!
I am so happy for you both!
Enjoy your very special day!
Love your beautiful card it is just so gorgeous!
kim x

Scrapthat said...

Congratulations Nessa and D! Happy anniversary and may you have many many more!

Margreet said...

Congratulations, Vanessa...wonderful card!.....13 is so early: december 2nd I'm (happily) married for 38 years!!!
xxx Margreet

Trish a.k.a stampi said...

Wow you brought tears to my eyes...congratulations to both of you and your sons too...this is wonderful...your card is beautiful but your words are amazing...

Tammy (Scrappy and T) said...

Love the card.

Happy 13th Anniversary :-)

I am so happy to hear about marriages that are happy and long and full of love .. keeps me hopeful :-)

Juls said...

huge congrats on your anniversary! and your card is just stunning!

mow180 said...

Happy Anniversary, V. and I hope you stay in love for the next 100 years!

Thad Be Me said...

Happy Anniversary Vanessa.
Sorry I am late.

Great card.

Cindye Wile said...

Late happy anniversay wishes from me ... sorry.
Gorgeous card.

Giò said...

Congratulations Vanessa to you and your husband. I am happy for you both. Lovely card with a gotic touch, really cool.