Sunday, November 7, 2010

Kenny K's new girlz name contest

so Kenny needs some help to name his new girlz :)
love this kinda thing
it is so fun!
hope you all have some time

So my names are as follows:
A: Racie Gracie
B: Carmen Electrafying
C: Pamela StampLee
D: Raquel RopeEmIn
E: Farrah Fastest
F: Kassy Kissin
G: Kissin Vixin or Sharin Sheriff
H: Pixie Dixie
I: Megan Foxy
J: Kim Kardashing
K: Rowdy Rena
L: Dancin Diva or Shakin It Shannon

get your name ideas in!!!


Donna said...

Awesome names em. Good Luck
Donna xx

Junie said...

Fab names !!!

Rufus said...

Hey you've got some great names there! Good luck