Sunday, June 26, 2011

Hey all...not feelin great

I am suppose to be at the lake for the next 3 weeks

we are doing a lot of renos
lifting the cottage, redoing a septic & water system...etc
and well I am at home!!!
waiting for a broncoscopy tomorrow
I need them to fish out the darn broccoli I inhaled yesterday!!!
I was eating some veggies & dip at lunch time
and I have had a cough/cold for a week
while I was just finishing chewing some broccoli
I began coughing
took a huge breath in during my coughing spell
a huge breath of broccoli into my lungs :(
then I proceeded to really cough/choke
all nite long!
I have coughed so hard in the last 24 hrs
my word!!!
Of course they had no room in the OR to do my scope today
so I chose to cough at home tonite instead of at the hospital
and they will try to suck out that veggie tomorrow
I now hate healthy eating even more :)
Damn diets :)
I surely have never choked on chips :)))
Anyways I will update you tomorrow
so sorry I haven't visited your blogs
take care my friends :)


Unknown said...

Good luck with that tomorrow! Hope you feel better soon.


Teri said...

You poor baby! Darn that brocolli !!
Hope they manage to get it out soon hun.
Take care,
Teri xx

Marley said...

Good luck tomorrow!! Hugs Marley

Vicky said...

Hi my sweetie oh you poor thing gosh I hope they make you feeling well tomorrow sweetie. I dont like veg & even less now they have nearly choked you my sweet friend. Take it easy hun & I hope all goes well tomorrow.

Lotsa hugs Vicky xxx

Tammy (Scrappy and T) said...

oh my gosh V .. that's horrible .. dam broccoli anyway!!