Sunday, February 12, 2012

linky followers

apparently blogger followers is going to be no more soon :(
the new thing is linky followers
you have to create account
then check out the demos
it is pretty easy actually.
If you have time & you wanna follow me :)
I will follow you back!

***disclaimer*** I am not affiliated with blogger or linky
I have heard that "blogger followers" is ??? done
from around blogland but in no way can ensure it is correct
we will all have to wait & see &/or check out alternatives!


THERESA said...

I so wish i can make a banner that will reach each and every blog, wow, what will we do when google go and we don't have a dashboard with all the creations???? Getting nightmares already, lol. Have done a posting on my blog too, hope the word spreads quick!!
lotsa luv

Anna said...

Were have you seen this information, cant find anything about this???