Tuesday, March 27, 2012

spring break vacation

this is my second post
an uncrafty post
if you are looking for my card
please scroll down

sure is hectic lately
I know you are all saying
I wish I had more time to sit back
to reflect
I wish I had that inner drive,
that voice inside me
that cheers me on...
the one that says
I am good
My head is sure screamin lately
but it ain't good things.
I have just been so busy
I have not had any time to just play with the boys
I have been too busy yellin at them
brush your teeth,
don't talk back
tidy up this mess
I woke up with a nasty eye problem
went to the ER to have it looked at
cornea is ok but I look a mess
funny how they say the eye is the window to the soul
my eye is like a massacre
for all to see & man it is uuuugaaaly!!!
I have just not felt myself in the last bit
hockey dramas kinda soaked up my happy
been spendin time on life stuff
stuff I can not change
people I can not change
but I "know" you all understand
thank you so much to those girls across the miles that have been wondering bout me
funny how someone a million miles away
who has never met you irl
can know that things aren't as they should be

anyways off to the lake for some family time
starting tomorrow I will just be
for an entire week!

I hope to come back with my worries at bay
my inner voice rekindled & loud
my heart full & happy
I hope while I am gone
you all will find the exact same things
for yourselves

take care of you & yours
c u in a week


coops said...

enjoy your vacation hun and enjoy time with your family.i hope you come back feeling refreshed ;D

xx coops xx

Tammy (Scrappy and T) said...

HUGS my friend. Enjoy your week away from it all.

Kim Piggott said...

Oh so sorry that you have had that happen to your eye Vanessa. I will be willing it to heal quickly for you sweet girl! Have a wonderful break see you when you come back!
kim x