Tuesday, October 2, 2012

leaving & leaves

I have been forced lately to think bout things
things that mean a lot in life
the little things that we never think about
those things we all just take for granted
like those around me knowing how much they mean
that they know what i would do for them if called to task
that they must know how much i love them
appreciate their impact on my life & the life of my boys

Doug's uncle died suddenly this week while in Denver
on a trip with Doug's dad.
a life altering event for our family fer sure
without a thought
Doug flew out immediately to help his dad thru this
to collect him
to be with him
to try to repay him for all he has done for us
to ensure he knows we would
go anywhere
really do anything
for him.

we talked to the boys about the loss on the way to the airport
nick said simply "I will miss him...he was nice"
it got me thinking
I hope a kid will say that about me when I go

my step dad is super sick right now
took him the other day for blood transfusions to prepare him for some chemo this week
and had some time to just sit & wait
& think
while they were treating him
thought bout what he means to me
what he did for me over the years
all the dad things he did for me
that he really didn't have to do
but did them anyways
i got a chance to tell him i love him
how i appreciate all he has done
got to help him with some things he wanted to get in order
made me feel as if i was repaying him
if only slightly

i know life isn't about paying people back
but when you get a chance to affirm to someone else
how important they are
take it
it sure feels good inside

if you are reading this still
i want you to know that
you are important to me
please take a moment
to think about why
& know i am thankful

i will leave you with some pics of the boys
just playing
just havin fun
enjoying one another & the simplest of things


Scrapthat said...

It blows me away every time I see how big your boys are getting!
DD turns 4 in a couple weeks!FOUR!!
Where does the time go??
I am thankful for you too Nessa!
Big hugs to you and all your family!

Rufus said...

Sounds like things have been pretty tough lately...that does tend to make you stop and think and appreciate the little things, like the great pic's of your boys playing in the fall leaves. Thanks for sharing them. Give your loved ones an extra hug,

coops said...

so sorry you are going through such a sad time hun.it really does make you very grateful and thankful for all you have, i always make sure people know just how much they mean to me, life is too short and can be gone before you have the chance to tell people.
sending you lots of hugs and love the pic of your boys :D

xx coops xx

Vicky said...

Fabulous pics sweetie. Keeping you all in my thoughts hun I'm so sorry for your loss. As for your step-dad, well let me tell you you will never truly have any idea how much it will mean to him having you there for him during the most awful time in his life. Its not repaying him sweetie its showing him how much you care & love him. I was with my dad all the way through his treatment & it was hard to see him going through it hun but I'm glad I went through it with him, glad he knew how much he meant to me.......he was my best friend.
You take care sweetie, you know where I am if ever you need to chat.

Lotsa hugs Vicky xxx