Friday, December 21, 2012

nick is 11 & some news!

i can not believe it but
my baby
my first born miracle
is 11 today!!!
i remember like it was yesterday
the struggle to conceive him
the heartache
the trepidation
the absolute joy!
he brings me happiness everyday
i love him more than anything
there is no words to explain it

here is a scrapbook page i did a long while back

my sister in law,
also has had much heartache with respect to having a child
last week she announced she is pregnant!
she is cautious
i never am
all caution to the wind
i am already in love :)
so in awe
so excited
i will be taking her for an ultrasound to see the heartbeat today
did i mention
i am so excited
here is the necklace i made her
i think she will like it :)

thanks for comin by


Julia said...

First of all Congrats on your sons 11th BDay.
Second thanks for sharing yours and your sister in law stories, many prayers going both ways!!!!