Friday, January 16, 2009

R U Kiddin Me?

How on earth did this happen?

When did I get this flippin old?

Yep I know wrinkles are earned...yaddayadda!

But I just am still amazed at how fast life passes by!

I am also amazed at how messy my scrap storage room gets...ya I know...bad!

But the good news is I buckled down...2 hours and 3 full giant garbage bags is orderly again! I can go to sleep and rest well on the eve of my birthday.

Oh who gives a crap I will still be old tomorrow clean room or not.

These are the organizers I bought for paper to sit on my desk & house my Expression.

I really like them! Best is that I can hide all those hard to hide items in the drawers :)

The bonus is I got a few scrappy gifts, I bought myself a few scrappy gifts & storage and I got a lot of stuff for my Wii, Wii fit accessories and the CSI Wii game :))) totally me!

One of the absolute BEST gifts was from girlfriend you RAWK!

You know I love your altering skills and that the frames you made for Christmas were outstanding...I said then that the people who got them were very I know fersure...cause I am one of the lucky ones! You made me feel special. See the frame here on my stamp cd storage cases :) I love it there!


nscropper said...

Happy Birthday to you. :) Hope you have a awesome day.

It's amazing how much stuff we accumulate isn't it ... i just recently did the same thing and recycled a lot of stuff. Your scrap place is looking good. :)

Tammy said...

Great storage stuff V .. love to get organized!

CSI - oh hey did you see the last episode with Grissom?? How sad .. I'm gonna miss that guy

You are oh so welcome for the frame .. you are a great friend!!!

Oh ya .. BTW loving your music choices on you little music thing there .. it amazes me how much our tastes are in scrappy stuff .. but mow music .. oh my gf .. you are like my long lost sister :-)