Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Rock Stars

We were all ready for Doug's Christmas party at Polar Window and I had bought the boys these new shirts that were kinda a little more dressy then the normal t-shirts they wear.
All of a sudden Nick says "I'm a Rock Star in this shirt...look mom...tada" he continued posing so I got out the camera & well Zack was quick to join in on the action!!! Where do they get this stuff from? Man I will never know but I honestly was laughin so hard some of the pics are blurry. I stuck the camera on continuous, auto and just snapped pics. The Rock Star sestion lasted about 4 minutes I prolley took 400 pictures (shakin head) ya I know I need an intervention! LOL

I am really happy with how the background turned out. I used my Cricut Design Studio, did the lo of all the words, then cut it out of 12x12 black cardstock, originally I planned just to use the negative black overtop white cardstock, then I saw the cutouts and thought "hey I can just use the cut outs over white for the reverse page :)

I saw these awesome little chipboard peices in the buck50 bins at Mike's from Colorbok...LOVE them, all in primary colors & B&W, different shapes...very cool arranged in a pile as a photocorner :))) and of course could not resist the superstar, and fabulous bling from Me&MyBigIdeas...how perfect!!!

Thank you SO much for checkin out my blog...any questions...feel free to drop me a note anytime!

see ya soon


Molly said...

LOL! Gotta love boys!

noel joy said...

love the poses they came up with. too stinking funny. good to hear from you today!

Tammy said...

super cute posers you got there V :-) the LO is great too .. :-)

nscropper said...

love how you did the background. Love the pics too. :)