Monday, March 22, 2010

organize part 3 stamp storage: Stampin Up

yes this is me yelling :)
I am SO tired & so happy
I put all my stamps in the one cupboard & put the done scrapbooks & other stuff in the other twin on the other side of my wall. I am happy to have ALL of my stamps in one place :))))))
I decided to store my stampin up sets in like groupings. Then I put like groupings into one sterlite containor, then made a list of the group & the individual titles on word, left enough room to stamp the actual contents of each stamp set under it's corresponding title & letter, then made a master index & poof done...yeah right it took what seemed like forever, I still have some stampin to do from G onward but at least I have a system I like & can use.
If you have any questions please let me know
Onto paper next...oyeboy can't wait...not...I wish I could blink & it be over...but alas allotta work yet to come
see ya
thanks for comin by


Lisa G. said...

Looks GREAT girl!

Unknown said...

O my what a lot of work, but so-o-o-o worth it. You will never have trouble finding that perfect stamp again.
Congrats on sticking to the plan.

Trish a.k.a stampi said...

Looking good lady...I am selling 3/4's of my stampin up...I just don't use it...keeping a few faves though...I keep thinking I will use them again and I just don't ...but you know once I get them sold I will need space is fabulous...