Friday, September 16, 2011

bloggin my heart

There is a fellow blogger that I started reading back over a year ago who always posts her feelings so elegantly...whether they are elegant feelings or not :) Steph always reminds me of the joy of parenthood...real parenthood! She also eloquently talks about marriage & being a mother :) she is somethin special and so often makes me smile or laugh right out loud & I do not even "know" her. I do believe her to be a stellar individual however & since she challenged her readers to BLOG YOUR HEART I decided to play along

This is super long & I do not think too many will care or get to #22 but here it goes:

1. I am happy.
I have an awesome life.
Hubby that makes me smile & answers "do I look fat?" with the right answer every time
Two kids that I adore & are everything I always wanted!!!
2. I have a job I love
one I feel good at
smart at
it is super hard & rewarding
and for the most part I feel valued there
3. I hate that I am so fat for me
I have hit the change of life
and with that I am unable to loose weight
sadly I am just finding it :(
that makes me feel ugly
and sadly perpetuates my self hate
4. As I get older I find myself thinking about things I can not change
thinking about worldly things I can not change...but want to
5. I never, EVER watch the news
it is depressing
it is always the same
6. We, Doug & I over the past year made some great friends
who are actually good to us
I do miss some friends we haven't spoke to in a while
and do hope they see this & know they are thought of often!!!!!!!
(hey Karebear seen your bro the other day, called me Nessa & took me right back to you, me, Timmie & the 80's)
(hi Jen...seen your mixbook of Scott & the kids...whatta gorgeous family!)
(Janice! I am sure the kids are so big...would love to see ya)
(Brianna, wish I could get together with you & the girls)
( quilt still looks awesome at the lake!)
so many great people impact our lives but life gets in the way
I am told this is what facebook is for
but sadly I never have time for that!
7. I love Vampire Diaries...don't laugh!!!
8. I regret not spending enough time with my sisters, nieces & nephews.
I loved watching my nephew playing football the other day,
together as a family, we are quite a force to be reckoned with!
I need to make more time for that kinda thing!
9. I am a crazy hockey mom
I am a crazy everything mom
I am crazy :) when it comes to my boys
10. I love to play games & sports
I feel like an adult
but play like a kid
Doug hates all cards & board games
11. I believe in a higher power
but not organized religion
12. my favorite number is 22
13. a lot of uncanny things happen around me & to me
it makes me feel super weird!
14. People always tell me how confident I am
"what a strong woman"
I laugh right out loud at that!!!
anyone who really knows me laughs too
15. I love our cottage
16. I love my car
I feel spoiled in it everyday
17. I think I am a good crafter
but I am very self punitive
nothing is ever perfect
it helps to make things with someone I care about in mind
to me it always makes the thing I am making better
18. I fondly remember those who've gone
but I hate to think about the past
so much darkness
it makes me cry
19. sometimes I yell at my boys
and regret it so much after
20. our basement is where we spend almost all of our time
21. my mother has been my rock
she is all the good that I remember about my childhood & adolescence
she is the reason I am alive
I could never, ever repay her for all she is
22. my lucky number will be the final glimpse into my heart
I love you hon
you are my soulmate
& best friend

thanks for comin by
if you blog your heart
please let me know :)
xo V'ness


Stephanie Howell said...

love this.
i don't watch the news either. and i yell too. :)
and oh- be gentle on yourself, won't you? thanks so much for joining in! xoxo

Tammy (Scrappy and T) said...

oh V .. I'm happy you blogged your heart .. it makes me want to blog my heart as well =)

you rawk my friend and it's a pleasure to know you =)