Wednesday, September 7, 2011

first ambivalent
filled with excitement
inlaid with some fear
always leave me feeling a little queezy
and so very proud!
I can not believe how time has just flown by!
How my sweet little Nick is helping other peoples little ones cross the road.
How did my babies become so big?
I ask you how does this happen???

first day of grade 3!

wow first day of grade 5 already!!!

first day on patrol
oh my word!

oh yeah & some first pics of the caddy

hope your firsts are as awesome as ours are
I have to go now to wipe away my first day tears & suck it up


Scrapthat said...

I have no idea how that happens! You're handsome boys are getting so grown looking though!
Love the caddy! :)

tiggertastic said...

wow that is some car hunny - me and hubby has just spent ages looking at it. so Stunning. !

Your boys are just wonderful and they looks so happy - best of luck in the new term

sarah x

Tammy (Scrappy and T) said...

They do grow up so darn fast eh. I remember Justin's first day of patrol. He was sooo excited. He did it all grade 5 and 6. I cant believe he's done school and will be 18 next week :sigh: Enjoy every minute with them V =)

Sweet ride ;)

Rufus said...

Good thing hubby wasn't reading over my shoulder! We just sold our antique auto and I don't want him ohhhing over yours! Although I think that yours has even bigger fins than ours did! We live in the mountains where all the roads are VERY curvy, I told him that the darn thing was so big it needed to be hinged in the middle to go around some of our mountain curves! Sweet looking ride.